Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yet another infrequent post

Nice. Last (and only) posting in this blog is from May 2006. I sometimes am amazed at the APEX bloggers who actually find the time to blog. Between work and family and work and family, there really is no time left for anything else.

So a couple things have changed since the blog posting from 1.5 years ago. I chopped what little hair I had left (my wife said it was time). And the little guy is now 2.5 years old, over 30 lbs., and talks up a storm.

We spent a weekend in Hocking Hills, and my wife took this picture which is now an absolute favorite of mine. For the record, little Zachary is kissing me and not biting me. We also took a ride on the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway, which my little son thoroughly enjoyed, as he is enthralled with trains and everything about them.