Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Application Express 4.2 Early Adopter instance going away...

It was just 3 short months ago that Application Express 4.2 Early Adopter was made available.  As of September 21, 2012, the Application Express 4.2 Early Adopter site will no longer be available.  The database will be permanently removed.  If you need to export anything, please do it well before September 21, 2012.  There will be no hope of restoration or recovery after this day.

The Application Express demonstration instance at has been upgraded to a pre-production version of Application Express 4.2.  This effectively replaces the Early Adopter instance.

We have received a tremendous amount of feedback, suggestions and bug reports.  The participation by over two thousand users was the the most we've ever had.  Once again, we are grateful to the APEX community for their interest, participation and support.