Tuesday, August 28, 2012

apex.oracle.com to be upgraded to Oracle Application Express 4.2

On the evening of Saturday, September 1, 2012 at 1800 PDT (0100 UTC), http://apex.oracle.com will be upgraded to a pre-release version of Oracle Application Express 4.2.

I know that apex.oracle.com is used by numerous people to host their sample APEX applications and sample plug-ins.  I simply wanted to give people ample opportunity to export whatever they wished before the upgrade.

After the upgrade, the applications on apex.oracle.com cannot be imported into an APEX 4.1.1 or earlier instance.

For any issues you believe are directly related to the upgrade, please feel free to post on the OTN discussion forum (preferred) or send an email to oracle-application-express_ww@oracle.com.

Monday, August 06, 2012

RESTful Services now available on Oracle Application Express 4.2 Early Adopter

Last week, on August 3, 2012, the Oracle APEX Listener 2.0 Early Adopter was made available for download from OTN.  And also this past weekend, the Oracle Application Express 4.2 Early Adopter 2 site was switched from Oracle HTTP Server/mod_plsql to the Oracle APEX Listener 2.0 Early Adopter (thanks goes to Colm from the APEX Listener team, Hilary from the APEX team, and Wei from PDIT for making this happen).

One area of functionality which is now exposed and available for testing on the Oracle Application Express 4.2 Early Adopter 2 site is RESTful Services.  These can now be easily created and tested within the Oracle Application Express RESTful Services module.

A very rich example of a RESTful Service is created within each workspace.  To test this yourself:

  1. Login to your workspace (register for one, if you havent' done so already)
  2. Click "SQL Workshop"
  3. Click RESTful Services
  4. Click oracle.example.hr
  5. Click the "GET" resource handler under the "empinfo/" resource template, in the hierarchy on the left
  6. Scroll down and click the "Test" button

In my JOEL workspace on the Application Express 4.2 Early Adopter 2 site, with the JOEL path prefix for my workspace, this resulted in a URL like:


[Note - after APEX 4.2 is eventually released and the APEX 4.2 Early Adopter site is extinguished, the above URL will no longer function]

Show your (ā'pěks)

In 2009, I responded in a blog post to the question of how to properly pronounce the abbreviation for Oracle Application Express.  Since then, Chet Justice (*the* oraclenerd) has taken special delight in mispronouncing it to me at every opportunity, at every conference.  But I have to give Chet credit - he has helped the correct pronunciation cause by designing a shirt which will remove all ambiguity and doubt.  Get yours today!