Saturday, January 19, 2008

ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008

As luck would have it, my abstract "Go Global with Application Express!" has been accepted for presentation at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008. I'm quite happy about this because:

1) I'm covering a topic that I believe is relevant to many people, whether they realize it or not. If it isn't today, it will be eventually. Europeans typically have to design and support multi-lingual and multi-locale applications (those poor Swiss get hit the hardest), it's common throughout Asia, especially in China with the support of Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and the requirement to develop these types of applications will only continue to grow in America.

2) There should be a plethora of sessions on Application Express, once again. Some of the ones that the committee just "couldn't bear to turn down" include Patrick Wolf, John Scott and Dimitri Gielis. The ever-growing APEX community will be there.

3) I love crawfish.

See you in New Orleans in June.


Patrick Wolf said...

Joel, this is a very interesting topic! Haven't used the APEX translation feature yet.

I was lucky enough and could design my applications in English or German. I just had to take care of the currency, date format and the other NLS stuff when the applications where used in different countries. But knowing more about the multi-language support and other NLS awarenesses would be a plus. Especially you guys have a lot of experience in that area, delivering the APEX Builder in more than 10 languages.

I would be very interested in the translation process, how you organize that when you are still doing development, ...


Arie Geller said...

Hi Joel,

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see you a live, but I absolutely agree that globalization and NLS support can be of interest to a lot of people. APEX has a great translating mechanism to support NLS issues, and it should continue to evolve, and include more and more options, and internal strings. I really hope that you, and your team, are remembering this in regards to the new interactive report, which going to be one of the most important new features in the upcoming 3.1 version.

In your presentation, are you going to also address RTL (Right-To-Left) issues? I believe there is a huge market out there, which needs this kind of support.