Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And the winners are.....

In mid-February, I solicited the feedback from the APEX community about Application Express and which languages we should consider translating to. In later February, Sharon also posted an announcement on the Application Express discussion forum on OTN.

With the crush of the APEX 3.1 release behind us, I decided to review the results. And they were surprising. Out of a total of 149 legitimate responses, the top 5 were:

  1. Hungarian
  2. Russian
  3. Arabic
  4. Dutch
  5. Polish

Granted, I can't claim that this was a scientific survey. It only reached the folks who decided to read my blog posting (unlikely) or follow the link from the announcement on the OTN discussion forum. Or maybe the folks in Hungary started an e-mail campaign and decided to stack the deck. Regardless, this gives me enough information now to approach the managers in these respective regions to assess market opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who provided your invaluable feedback. The full results can be viewed here:


Byte64 said...

i always desired to learn Hungarian, so this can be the right occasion...



Anonymous said...


Am I reading that correctly that two people voted to have it translated into English?


Joel R. Kallman said...


You're not reading that correctly. English in the UK is code 'en-gb'. 'uk', which I assume you're referring to, is for Ukrainian.


Byte64 said...

you should know, Oscar Wilde was used to say that America and Great Britain were two countries divided by the same language...


Anonymous said...

Hi Joel!

That hungarian was pushed so much was probably partly due to this page:

"APEX Magyar nyelven" = apex in the hungarian language

I assume that is the most read APEX developer's / user's blog in hungary - I merely just read it because I try to learn both, APEX and hungarian that is ;-) - So even I voted for having APEX in hungarian.

Furthermore I can count on having APEX localized to hu_HU by the end of April, can I? ;)