Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Adjusting the Width of an Interactive Report Filter Textbox

I learn something new every day.

Today, Oracle Support sent the following customer question my way:

"We have columns with long data value but the filter (while running a Interactive report) in action menu is of fixed width and hence difficult for us to view the complete data. Is there a possibility for increasing the size of the filter dialog ? (which contains Columns, Operator and Expressions)."

When I asked for clarification, I received the following picture:

I'll never claim to know it all. But I will claim to know the people who collectively do know it all. Shakeeb Rahman from the Application Express development team replied with a simple solution. As Shakeeb stated:

"We can target the expression field and its drop down menu using the IDs that are assigned to these items. Here is the style that you would put into your page header to give these two items a fixed width:"

#apexir_EXPR, #apexir_col_values_drop { width: 300px; }

And that's all there is to it. If you want to adjust the width of the expression field and the associated drop down menu, simply add this inline style to the page header attribute on the page where your Interactive Report is defined.

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Jari Laine said...


Need make it resizable like I have make column dropdown filter lists