Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oracle Learning Library Mobile

The Oracle Learning Library team recently rolled out their new mobile application.  If you go to, you should see a mobile icon in the upper left.  Or you can simply bookmark this link on your mobile device.

As I discussed in the past, the Oracle Learning Library isn't just about Oracle Application Express or the Oracle Database.  There is content there for virtually every Oracle product offered - JD Edwards, NetBeans, Solaris, Java, Oracle Business Intelligence, Fusion Middleware, Oracle E-Business Suite, etc.  There are tutorials, white papers, Oracle By Examples, demonstrations, data sheets, and more.

And at the risk of being criticized (again), I can proudly proclaim that this is all running entirely on Oracle Application Express at - the same hosted instance of Oracle Application Express that gets over 10 million page views a week and between 600 - 700 new workspace requests every week.


Anonymous said...

So is this a previe for new mobile templates for apex?

Joel R. Kallman said...


It is not a preview of the integration that will be forthcoming in Application Express 4.2.


Wouter Verkuijl said...

Hello Joel,
The new #OLL #ORCLAPEX is not working on iPad, iPhone with Safari. ?
To many redirects. What would be the solution?
greetings Wouter

Wouter Verkuijl said...

Ahh solved the problem.
Cookies should be enabled.
Unfortunately APEX is not telling that cookies needed to be turned on.
Still a bug in APEX or OLL i would say.
Greetings :-)

Jean Michel Plancade said...

If isn't a preview ... Where can we find this nice template ?