Monday, July 16, 2012

APEX 4.2 EA2 coming, APEX 4.2 EA1 going away

Within approximately the next 5 - 10 days, the instance of Application Express 4.2 Early Adopter 1 ( will be decommissioned.  It will be replaced by the second Early Adopter release of Application Express 4.2.

Nothing will be migrated from APEX 4.2 EA1 to APEX 4.2 EA2.  The entire database will be recreated, and all workspaces will be removed.  Additionally, there is a strong likelihood that anything exported from EA1 may not be import-able into APEX 4.2 EA2 or APEX 4.2 production.

As always, the APEX community has been extraordinarily helpful with the review and feedback of this early release.  There are over 1,100 workspaces participating in EA1 and the feedback has proven invaluable.

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