Thursday, May 22, 2008

Application Express 3.1.1 released

Today (22-MAY-2008), the Oracle Application Express 3.1.1 patch set was released. This patch set can be applied to an instance running Oracle Application Express

Soon (hopefully later today), the full distribution of Application Express 3.1.1 will be available for download on OTN. This distribution will not enable you to patch an existing Application Express 3.1 instance to Application Express 3.1.1. You will need the patch set from Oracle MetaLink for this.

This patch set does not introduce any new features. This patch set fixes a collection of software defects (i.e., bugs) found internally as well as issues reported on the active Application Express OTN discussion forum. All resolved issues are documented in the README.html file contained with the Application Express 3.1.1 patch set.

To find this on MetaLink:

  1. Login to MetaLink
  2. Click the "Patches and Updates" tab
  3. Click "Simple Search"
  4. For Patch Number/Name, enter: 7032837
  5. Click Go

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Apex doesn't upgrade correctly on XE. You get a version which doesn't work after you apply the upgrade. I'm not convinced this was even tested on windows at all.