Friday, May 16, 2008

The Oracle APEX Award

Just announced today is a competition in Germany called The Oracle APEX Award, with a grand prize of € 5,000 (approximately $7700 USD). Now it can't be just any application - it should be business related, based on APEX 3.0 or later, delivered with supporting objects and an installation script (so it is a single file deliverable, just like the Packaged Applications), and run on Oracle Database 10g or Oracle Database 11g.

Beyond the money, though, all Oracle Application Express solutions from the competition will be promoted by Heise, Mittelstandswiki and on the German Oracle General Business Sites.

In case you were worried that this competition would be won by Patrick Wolf, he can't participate, as he is one of the judges.

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Patrick Wolf said...

I made a big mistake! :-)