Monday, November 02, 2009

Who uses

I have dedicated a couple posts to describe who is using I have focused on the scalability of the Application Express environment on relatively cheap hardware. And towards the end of September, we moved to So why not combine the best of these topics and post about who is using

AskTom officially moved to on 18-SEP-2009. I turned on Google Analytics a day or two later. So my snapshot of covers the period from September 20, 2009 through November 2, 2009 - not quite a month and a half.

Some interesting statistics:

  1. There were 517,599 "visits" and 1,005,189 page views.
  2. 78% of the page views were from hits from search engine results pages (thanks for the clarification, John Scott).
  3. 53% of the browsers are Internet Explorer - a number that I suspect gradually declines over time
  4. People found the site searching for 'ORA-00604' more than they found it by searching for 'tom kyte'. As a shareholder of Oracle, this statistic concerns me.
  5. The lion's share of visits comes from the United States, followed by India, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.
All in all, though, I'm quite happy with these numbers, and how it shows that the existing hardware on and this large database (with over 10,000 workspaces/users/tablespaces) was able to absorb the additional load with no problem. Google Analytics - 20091102


John Scott said...

Hi Joel,

Interesting stats indeed!

One thing though, I could be wrong, but the 78% from Search Engines you mentioned, I always believed that figure (from Google Analytics) contains hits that came from people finding the site via Google, Yahoo is not just 'bot hits'.

So within that 78% I think there are a lot of real people.

If you're using another figure to get the 78% you mentioned, then apologies and ignore this post, but I just saw the 78% in the 'Search Engines' bit and thought that was the you were talking about.

Roel said...

Hey Joel,
Nice to see that The Netherlands ranked as 10th! And that for such a (relative) small country... with only 16 M habitants...

Laurent Schneider said...

Any plan to upgrade to the latest release?

Thanks :)

Joel R. Kallman said...

@John - thanks a lot. You're 100% correct. I've corrected this wording.

@Laurent - the latest available release is APEX 3.2.1, which is on ;)