Friday, June 04, 2010 upgraded to Oracle Application Express 4.0

Oracle Application Express at has been upgraded to a pre-production version of Oracle Application Express 4.0. There's nothing like upgrading an instance of 8,000 workspaces and 31,000 applications to ensure that the upgrade works perfectly and what used to work in Application Express 3.2 continues to run flawlessly

As most users in the APEX Community have come to realize, this is one of the final milestones in our development cycle before release. So we're getting close. You can read about what's new in Application Express 4.0 here.

The participation of the thousands of people in the Early Adopter program since December has been overwhelming. We are grateful for all of the work and feedback and suggestions and bugs reported by everyone. The APEX Community is alive and well...and growing!


Peter Raganitsch said...

This is good news, waking up in the morning and APEX 4.0 is one step closer to be released!

Good luck and hopefully just a couple of days until we all can download it :-)


Surachart Opun said...

good news :)

Morten Braten said...

Good news! Looking forward to the final production release.

By the way, I spotted a few typos on the "New Features" page (

The section "RESTful Web Service Support" just repeats the text from "Dynamic Actions".

And under "Better Themes", it says "Each theme is comprimesed of ...". Should probably be "comprised of" or "consists of".

And at the bottom of the page, "Integrated News on the Application Express hoem page" should be "home page".

- Morten

Amit Thakur said...

very good man ilike it very much

Arie Geller said...

Hi Joel,

Congratulation on reaching a very significant mile-stone on the road to APEX 4.0 production. From what I can see, everything is working just fine.


Arie Geller said...
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Stew said...

Congratulations on reaching the next milestone to release.

Along with Morten's comments... unless I'm reading this wrong, there's another typo in the "New Features" page:

* Declarative not null validation validation

Or are they telling us we can validate whether a not-null validation has been added?

I see that 4.0 now supports Safari browser, which is new. I wish we could get a clear statement about whether that meant it supports Safari on the iPhone.

Learco Brizzi said...

Great news! The real (downloadable) release at the ODTUG?


Anonymous said...

Page 4600.7 throws an ORA-942 error.

Bhavin Adhvaryu said...

This is really Good News! We all looking forward to the final release.

Just one thing, my Apex 3.2 application was using jQuery Tabs but doesn't seems to work in this current release.

Please guide me.

Kind Regards,

Patrick Wolf said...


can you provide us more information about your application? Like the app# and what page is actually not working.


Joel R. Kallman said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Sorry about the typos - they should be corrected now.

@Vikas - thanks for reporting this bug. It's fixed in production APEX 4.0.


Sreekanth Babu V said...

Congratulations....Eagerly Waiting for the final production release...