Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Language Preference of the Application Development Environment in APEX 4.0

A customer filed a Service Request with Oracle Support, asking the following:

In Apex 4, Irrespective of the Client OS / Locale / Browser Language settings, the Language picked up the interface shows as “ Language: en “ . Where as from the same browser/client if I login into Apex.3.2.1, it shows the correct language as "DE" , "TH", "FR", etc.,

Has anybody seen this issue? Am I missing something?

This is expected behavior. In Application Express 4.0, the development environment uses the new "Session" language derivation, bringing it in line with modern Web applications which do not use the browser language as the primary language preference. This new language derivation type is documented briefly here and additionally in the item-level help.

If you go to the Login page of, you’ll see the language bar at the bottom. This language list is determined by the translated versions of Application Express which are installed in the instance. You can change your language preference from this language bar or within Application Express too. The language preference is "remembered" via a persistent cookie.


Unknown said...

Hi Joel,

Been researching google on this and found your blog. I can't find a way to change the date format in the SQL Commands sheet in APEX 4.2. Language is always US and not GB no matter how many times I alter the NLS_LANG. Would you know how to change the date format in SQL Commands?

Joel R. Kallman said...

Hi there,

Sorry that this is not obvious in APEX. We need to improve this.

You can control this by editing the Default Date Format associated with your user account:

I hope this helps.


Unknown said...

ZHi Joel,

Thanks for the prompt reply! All working now!

Although not intuitive at first, when you explained where to find the setting, it actually makes sense. I can appreciate how with a product with a lot of configuration and declarative options, it's easy for some obscure settings to be buried underneath somewhere.

Thanks again for the reply!