Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who uses (as of August 28, 2011)?

I was recently browsing a blog post over at, where they showed the breakdown of visitors by country to their site, and found that most developers visiting their site came from the U.S. and Germany and asked the "guys who manage" if they could confirm this. From time to time, I like to post the Google Analytics report for, so people can see where users are coming from.

Note that I only capture the Google Analytics information from the login page and nowhere else.

Here is the map overlay and table by country of visitors to the login page. - Google Analytics - 20110828

My interpretation of this report:

  • This report should not be used to determine the primary geographies of Application Express developers. There are countless developers who happily use APEX yet never visit the login page of
  • The U.S. consistently has more visits than any other country.
  • Since I did this same exercise in 2008, there has been a significant increase from India.
  • Canada has also climbed into the top 5.
  • Poland and Brazil have vaulted into the top 10. Three years ago, Brazil was 23rd, now they are 7th. Impressive.

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Tim... said...


I would suggest this is a typical pattern for Oracle generally, not just APEX.

The map for my own site looks the same and it focuses on Oracle DBA & PL/SQL development.