Thursday, January 20, 2011

APEX 4.0 Cookbook

At the risk of alienating other authors (which is not my intent at all), I did want to raise awareness of a recently published book Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook written by Marcel van der Plas and Michel van Zoest. Very often, new developers to Oracle Application Express get up to speed quickly with the basics of APEX, but sometimes are left floundering when trying to do a specific task. The Oracle documentation on APEX tends to explain "what something is", and the Oracle By Examples are excellent soup-to-nuts tutorials, but often times, someone just wants to know "how do I do X?". That's where I think this book does an excellent job at filling this void, with very lucid and finite topics (e.g., Sending mail via APEX, Uploading and downloading files, Protecting a page using an authorization scheme).

P.S. For the record, I am deeply appreciative of all authors of APEX Books who have contributed so much of their time to help grow the APEX community.


Unknown said...

Hi Joel,

Thank you for the kind words. Marcel and I had exactly in mind what you say, when we started writing this book.

I'm very glad that you think we've succeeded.

Kind regards,
Michel van Zoest

Stew said...


Thanks for mentioning this here. I haven't bought it but it's always good to have more reference info available.

To the authors: it would be nice if the Amazon listing told us a bit more about what's in it.

Erik van Roon said...


If you go to the publishers website ( you get more information (table of contents, example chapter).

Furthermore, it's cheaper there:
Book = Eur 42.29 / $ 53.99
eBook = Eur 31.44 / $ 40.79
Both = Eur 47.84 / $61.19

So, you buy the book, you get the eBook almost free.

I order with Packt regularly, they deliver promply. Very satisfied.


Stew said...

Thanks Erik!