Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today, Niels, a customer, asked me:

"We have currently installed and I couldn't find any information about the upgrade from this version to What are the changes? What should be installed (metalink patch or full install)?"

A customer had earlier pointed out how this new .07 version had silently been rolled out. I addressed it on the OTN forum, but to repeat it here:

There are two differences (bug fixes) between and, namely:

  • 10347091 - Page sentry function of custom auth scheme does not work in
  • 10406645 - Expired Application Express password cannot be changed

These issues were discovered after the release of APEX and I didn't think that the fixes for these warranted a "4.0.3". I knew I risked confusion for our customers, which appeared to have happened, but that may only be a result of poor communication on our part.

If you have APEX, or installed, you can download the patch set ( from My Oracle Support and apply it. If you don't have Application Express installed at all, then when you download Application Express 4.0, you'll automatically get

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