Friday, January 14, 2011

Counting Clicks via Dynamic Actions

The ink was barely dry on my recent post Counting Clicks when Dimitri Gielis suggested a much simpler way to achieve this in Oracle Application Express 4.0. And even though the suggested implementation is buried in the comments of that post, I wanted to explicitly offer it here.

This second solution is even more straightforward. It involves:
  1. A dynamic action
  2. An anchor with a specific class or ID

That's it! A demonstration of this logic is on pages 4 and 5 of this application here.

I created a simple table to store some of my most commonly used URLs. I built an application containing a report and form on top of this table, and then removed a lot of the functionality of the form to make it read-only.

Then, I created a simple log table with columns for some of the information I'd like to capture:

create table click_log(
user_name varchar2(1000),
click_ts timestamp,
ip_address varchar2(100),
user_agent varchar2(1000),
apex_session_id number,
rownum_clicked number,
info varchar2(4000) )

With this basic infrastructure in place, I now want to implement the two constructs to easily enable click logging of these URLs.

On page 5 of my application (the "form" page), I created a dynamic action named "Log Click" and with the following attributes:

  • Event: Click
  • Selection Type: jQuery Selector
  • jQuery Selector: #link
  • Condition: No Condition

The True Action was of Action Type "Execute PL/SQL Code" and the actual code itself was:

insert into click_log(
info )
( v('APP_USER'),
'Clicked: ' || v('P5_NAME') );

So with my Dynamic Action, all I needed to do is modify the anchor on my page to include the id "link". I did this by augmenting the URLs on my form page, changing them from:

<a href="" target="_new"></a>


<a href="" target="_new" id="link"></a>

Because my jQuery Selector was for any element with an ID of "link", and I wanted the event to operate on my link, I needed to add this "id" attribute to my anchor.

You can see a demonstration of this logic in pages 4 and 5 here in My Favorite URLs application.

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